Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sprachkurs Barcelona

 One of the best thing that i did this year, is that i registered to Oxford University. I know is one of the top University World Wide, and that was a reason of my final decision. Do you think i should fell sorry!? I think not. I am so positive about it, that right now when i am writing up this essay i draw up into my mind the options that i will have there.
All happened accidental. A friend of mine told me about the University, and since then i started to learn about them. A lot of papers that i had to do. This was the first step, and then, i had to figure out the base elements, like financial deposit that i had to do, for security reason, for rents, for meals, for courses, and for all the school materials. At the end the amount was pretty big, but i didn't hesitate it. Not for a second. I wanted to enjoy it, and to leave it at a high level. All was written on the sky. I loved all i read about them. 

A University with tradition, that i found it first on . After my first arrival there i had to wait some time to get my room. A lot of people from my country where here too, and this was something that i really enjoyed. 
Days are passing and i see how every time i learn more and more thing. Trough their system i learn how to integrate myself into the system. This was the main reason why i picked up their school and not other one. I made a list of 10 different Universities, but no one was better then Oxford. I loved it since i saw it. 
I don't think that everyone will love it. But once you get there you will see the difference. All the people love here to be social, love to communicate. This is one of the reason why i picked up this great faculty.